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Experts in eLearning content development, we build engaging, visually appealing, media-rich content that elevates your learning and development programs to the next level. Our wealth of experience building bespoke eLearning for global organisations and our own external training divisions means that we understand your training goals and can deliver your eLearning project in time and on budget.

Content Development

Development process

Our in house procedures follow robust and effective processes so that content is completed in time and with no disruption to the day to day running of your organisation.

SME involvement

Our content creators work with your subject matter experts and offer guidance and direction. We then create the most impactful and relevant content.


It’s important to know how much your employees are learning, so we develop traceability to learning goals, achieved by monitoring content that has been accessed and completed.

Content Enrichment

Images and illustrations

Using photo editing and vector graphics packages, we create new and process existing images to enrich your course.


We create powerful and concise animations to effectively convey complex learning points.


New or existing recorded content is edited, formatted, and optimised for inclusion in courses.

3D modelling

We use industry standard tools to produce static or animated 3D models, facilitating expression of learning points not possible in 2D or real-world images.


A wide range of interactions are available to keep your learner engaged with the content and key learning points.


A powerful and current learning technique, gamification accelerates the absorption of knowledge in engaging mini-games.

Learning Assessments

We can create assessments designed to complement your eLearning course, either as part of eLearning modules or a standalone solution. Whether a short quiz or a formal examination we can build assessments that are appropriate to the learning requirement and integrate pre and post training so that training gains can be effectively measured.

Quality Control

We use stringent internal processes to ensure that your courseware meets high standards of quality control and ensure that compatibility, production value and content alignment all tailor to your organisation’s needs, and align to your learning objectives.

Learner Deployment

Your eLearning course can be hosted on Resource Group’s secure servers. A cloud based solution means that your employees can access learning content wherever they are; on any desk based or mobile device and can access training 24 hours a day at a time and pace to suit their learning needs.


It’s important that your content remains up to date and relevant, so we build traceability and transparency into our change processes so you know who has updated content, when it was updated and why content has changed.

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